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Scholar's Statement provides the holistically evaluative lens of hyper–competitive colleges.
In conjunction with grades and accolades, we believe each applicant's story remains the

most potent ingredient when standing out among pools of highly qualified students.

Earnest, effectively composed personal statements are paramount in improving the odds of getting a 'yes' from reach schools: our narrative–focused approach to admissions consultation
thus imparts a uniquely efficacious edge
 to the candidacy of
any prospective college student

Every applicant deserves to present what makes them special in a powerful way.
In accordance with this principle, we offer premium narrative coaching
services at
comfortable, flexible rates.


Our consultation methodology is intentionally unorthodox.
While most big admissions firms offer formulaic advising packages
to elongate billable hours, we carefully weigh each client's profile and specific needs.
This proprietary process allows us to design a custom approach 
tailored exactly as you see fit; 
empathy is thus integral to both our advising philosophy and our business practice.

After all, colleges consider each applicant as thoroughly as possible—
not just their academics, 
but their character, virtues, and voice—
for every admit constitutes a
consequential investment.

We feel our consultation practice should reflect 
the magnitude of such investment.
Our caring, creative take on admissions advising ensures that you 

or your student's application will soar.


While we generally encourage in-person meetings, we offer remote appointments.
According to your needs and 
preferences, we may utilize video conferencing,
calls, and/or web-based document sharing.

Scholar's Statement specializes in conceptualizing and refining application essays, but we offer
more broadly applicable services as well. These include standardized test preparation,
guidance through scholarship seeking, assistance in navigating financial aid,
and tutoring for most high school level English and Math based courses.

Call or email for a quote:

(619) 639-5390

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Julian (of Scholar's Statement) helped revise my essays for the 2018-19 application cycle. At first, I was nervous that another person evaluating my statements might limit the authenticity of my writing, but his incredibly precise feedback actually helped my voice shine through.

Samantha R., Harvard '23
(add. admitted: Princeton & Stanford)

My consultant showed how I could distill the most impactful elements of my life into words on paper, in cohesion with one another. As someone with a difficult life story to tell, it always felt reassuring to have someone there to vet my ideas, and I'm certain it played an important role in my admissions.

Aaron B., UC Berkeley '21
(add. admittted: UCSD & UCSB)

Our adviser treated us like family. After just a few meetings, my daughter felt more secure in her writing than ever before, and carried that confidence throughout her college applications and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a more wholesome consultation experience.

Martha J., mother of undergraduate client

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Application season is upon us!
Warm up your personal statement skills—submit 50 - 300 words for the following prompts, and 
three recipients will receive three hours of one-on-one consultation hours, free of charge.
Results will be announced via email on November
 23th, 2023.

Submissions welcome up to November 30th.

Thanks for participating!

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Email or call to schedule a free creative consultation.
We'll describe the details of our practice, and strategize
how we can work together from the start.

619 639 5390

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